A wealth of 
 experience in digital 
 project delivery. 

About Trade 196

Trade 196′s specialises in consulting and digital services, we complement your exiting team or provide complete end2end project delivery solutions.

We’ve delivered right across the digital domain from online retail and back-office transformation to digital products and services. Providing experienced, strategic direction with optimised team management and agile delivery.

Our goal is to become your long-term partner helping you grow and succeed both at home and internationally. We’re a small company but we work with us and we’ll make a huge impact.

Why Choose Trade 196

  • Over 25 years specialist industry experience.
  • Skilled and experienced team members.
  • Members of industries governing bodies.
  • All Industry Standard services offered.
  • Established and reliable service provider.
  • Passion for quality, service & reliability.

Our Services

Project Start Up

Project People & “Product” Thinking

Digital Transformation

Trade 196