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With over 196 countries, there’s a whole world of eCommerce opportunity.

About us

We recognised at an early stage ecommerce shouldn’t just be locally focused; the true opportunity of online sales is the ability to reach a global market, to find new opportunities and secure new market share. Trade 196 was established to partner with brands and retailers to help companies to grow quickly and most importantly via the most cost effective route.

Our experience has covered the successful design and operation of a range of websites and marketplace stores delivering to all European countries and fully localised to meet the language and buying habits of each individual country; with sales encompassing both trade and retail customers.

Also unlike many eCommerce companies our knowledge doesn’t just cover marketing and website builds. We have real world experience in all aspects of eCommerce from sourcing, logistics, market niche/trend identification along with delivery and customer care. We’ve found this unique blend allows us to better understand our partners concerns and to work a level closer to meet their goals.

Our approach

There are three fundamental characteristics that distinguish us from our competitors.

  1. We specialise in multi-channel and international eCommerce with knowledge that spans not only customer facing issues but also real-life business experience of back-office requirements, warehousing, logistics, product sourcing and supply chain.
  2. We only work with a small number of businesses. We are not interested in having numerous portfolios and one off jobs that stretch us and do a disservice to our clients. With Trade 196 every one of our clients can expect top priority and a long term relationship.
  3. We see eCommerce as being a process and not a quick-fix. Our approach is to design the very best eCommerce solutions and then stick with them to ensure they have the greatest impact. Our success is inextricably linked to yours.

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